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Independent Financial Distributor Program

Start your advisory and investment product distribution services with Share India and become an independent financial distributor to help clients invest in financial instruments.

    Become a Financial Distributor with Share India

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    What is the Share India Partner Program?

    The Share India independent financial distributor program is a lucrative business model if you want to pursue a career in financial advisory. If you have the expertise about financial products like stocks, mutual funds, and demat accounts, you can partner with share india to become a financial distributor.

    Individuals possessing stock market expertise can take advantage and partner with Share India to start your professional career as an independent financial distributor. You help investors achieve their investing goals and benefit from Share India’s lucrative incentive model. As a Share India financial product distributor, your responsibility is to grow your client base and help them make investment related decisions so that they can achieve their financial goals.

    Share India’s brand name and robust support will help you establish your own business, by providing the most sophisticated investment platforms and technology infrastructure. At the same time, you also receive access to in-depth research reports by Share India to provide the best investment recommendations to your clients.

    As a Share India financial distributor, you are the integral link between the client and the broker, for which you get the benefits of a high incentive sharing model. You earn revenue of the transaction fee from every transaction made by your client.


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    What Does a Financial Distributor Do?

    An independent financial distributor (IFD) provides financial advice to their clients and helps them invest in financial products like stocks and mutual funds. They research those investment assets and then recommend them to the client if it aligns with their investing goal. A client can have various investment goals like retirement, saving for home, etc. So, it’s the financial distributor’s duty to understand those goals and suggest investment options based on the same. They have to help their clients feel relaxed by helping them understand the investment without biases.

    You can become a financial product distributor, also referred to as sub-brokers with a leading broker like Share India to start your advisory and financial management business.

    Independent Financial Distributors keep their clients updated on the performance of their investments via regular portfolio statements and guide them on the taxation and regulations of their investments. They resolve any grievances the investor may have. Financial distributors earn commission from the AMCs on the products they sell and cannot charge fees directly from investors. They have to adhere to the code of conduct and regulations laid out by SEBI

    Our Offerings

    • Mutual Funds

      An investment vehicle that pools money from multiple investors, managed by a qualified fund manager, to invest in securities like stocks, bonds, treasuries, etc.

    • Capital Gain Bonds

      A type of bond issued by the government, also called capital gains bonds, are financial instruments that allow for tax exemptions under 54EC to its investors.

    • Floating Rate Savings Bonds

      A debt security issued by the Government of India to promote secure investing for options for investors.

    Benefits of Becoming Financial Distributor

    Sales Support

    Dedicated Relationship Manager

    Sales Assistance

    Marketing Aid

    Marketing Material Kit

    Starter Sales Kit

    Customer Support

    Online Query Support

    Toll Free Number for IFD

    Technology Infrastructure

    Partner Desk

    CRM solutions

    Client Desk

    Mobile Apps

    Training Support

    IFD Orientation Program

    Sales Training

    Soft Skill & Personality Development

    In-depth Research

    Equity & Debt Research Reports

    Research on MF Schemes

    Market Trend Analysis

    Share India Independent Financial Distributor Program

    Become a Share India financial distributor and help your clients make informed investment decisions. You get access to quality tech-support and infrastructure as well as in depth reports to assist you with advisory services. As a Share India financial product distributor, you function as the key link between the client and the broker. You can partner today with Share India and become a financial distributor to start your professional career as an independent financial distributor. You help investors achieve their investing goals and benefit from Share India’s lucrative incentive model.

    What our Customers are Saying

    “Trading using technical strategies was not my cup of tea. Still, through Share India & Apps support & insight, I often test different technical strategies and then apply this strategy with real money. With all these perks, I can now optimise each trading opportunity.”

    Mrs. Pooja

    “With knowledge & guidance from Share India experts, I can easily trade using sophisticated trading tools. I have invested in different financial instruments, and the experience of investing through the Share India platform is Smooth & easy.”

    Mr. Deepak Narang

    “If someone asks me which is the Smart trading platform, I would recommend the Share India platform as it is one of the most trusted brokers in India. It is pioneered in AI and ML trading. If you wish to use a professional tool for trading, then Share India should be your first choice.”

    Mr. Bhavya Vijay

    “I have opened my Demat account with Share India. I was unaware of the benefits of stock trading but through Share India’s insight and tools, I make better trading decisions. Now, with all these benefits, I have made an investment plan according to my financial goal.”

    Mr. Vikas Malik

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