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What Does a Financial Distributor Do?

An independent financial distributor (IFD) provides financial advice to their clients and helps them invest in financial products like stocks and mutual funds. They research those investment assets and then recommend them to the client if it aligns with their investing goal. A client can have various investment goals like retirement, saving for home, etc. So, it’s the financial distributor's duty to understand those goals and suggest investment options based on the same. They have to help their clients feel relaxed by helping them understand the investment without biases.

You can become a financial product distributor, also referred to as sub-brokers with a leading broker like Share India to start your advisory and financial management business.

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Share India Independent Financial Distributor Program

Become a Share India financial distributor and help your clients make informed investment decisions. You get access to quality tech-support and infrastructure as well as in depth reports to assist you with advisory services. As a Share India financial product distributor, you function as the key link between the client and the broker. You can partner today with Share India and become a financial distributor to start your professional career as an independent financial distributor. You help investors achieve their investing goals and benefit from Share India’s lucrative incentive model.

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FAQs on Independent Financial Advisors

To become a financial distributor with Share India, you do the following.
  • Share your details like your phone number and email ID by clicking the appreciate link on the Share India Website

  • We will get in touch with you

  • Fill out the necessary forms and submit the necessary documents like your PAN, Aadhar etc.

  • Get registered as financial product distributor with Share India

You will require the following documents
  • PAN Card

  • Aadhar card

  • Photographs

  • Personal Address Document

  • Business address document

As a Share India independent financial distributor, you earn commission of the transaction fee from every transaction by your client.

No, you don’t have to incur any major cost to start out as a financial product distributor with Share India. The initial investment for a Share India financial product distributor is minimal.

When you partner with Share India for distributorship services, you are your own boss. You get access to sophisticated trading platforms and detailed stock insights. Additionally Share India also offers a high incentive sharing model and training programs.

Yes, Share India offers several training programs to help independent financial distributors stay up-to-date with the trending financial products.
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