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Benefits of Investing with Share India

Paperless Trading

Start investing from your home with Share India. Upload & verify essential documents such as an Aadhaar card, a PAN card, and bank details, then start investing.

Affordable Fees & Charges

Share India offers flat brokerage. You can get cost-effective service and low trading brokerage, just like our demat account charges. Explore different market opportunities on your smartphone or computer.

Option Calculator

Align your trade with ease. Pre-plan your option trade with the help of an Option calculator. Get hands on advanced trading technology & tools.

Endless Resource

Investing with Share India opens up a portal of financial knowledge. You can get videos, posts, and research papers on various financial instruments. Become an informed trader with the Share India platform.

Option Edge

Implement single click multileg trades with Option Edge.

All Trading Charges, Taxes on Trading & Investing.

Services Brokerage/Charges
Equity DeliveryZero Brokerage
Equity Intraday₹ 20 per executed order or 0.03% of Turnover, whichever is lower
Equity Derivatives Futures₹20 per executed order or 0.03% of Turnover, whichever is lower
Equity Derivatives Options₹ 20 per executed order
Call & Trade Services₹ 50 per order placed through a dealer at Share India

In addition to brokerage defined hereinabove, clients shall also be required to pay the following additional charges, which are subject to change from time to time:

Charges levied by Central Government, State Governments, SEBI, Stock Exchanges, Clearing Member and/or other Statutory /Legal Authorities:

  • Securities Transaction Tax and/or Commodity Transaction Tax;
  • Stamp Duty;
  • GST;
  • SEBI Turnover Fees;
  • Stock Exchange's Transaction Charges with GST (Charges up to Rs. 5 Per Executed Order);
  • Clearing charges charged by Clearing Corporation/Clearing Member with GST.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, you cannot have two brokerage accounts with Share India. According to the SEBI guideline, it is not allowed to open more than one brokerage account from a single broker.

Two major benefits of using a brokerage is as follows:
  • Instant trade: With the brokerage, you can get online access to your trade, and you can simply place orders with an instant speed of buy and sell orders of securities online.

  • Insights & update: The brokerage provides you with quality insights & also keeps you updated with the current market condition and events related to the stock market.

Yes, you have to pay taxes & GST which will be applicable to your trade. You can check the charges applied by Share India on the trading brokerage page. Apart from this you would also have to pay income tax based on the profits you make in a financial year.

Yes, you can put all your money in a single brokerage. Depending upon your financial goal and strategies you can consider a brokerage where you can put all the money.

Yes, you can use multiple brokers as per your requirement. But managing and using multiple brokers can be costly. The charges on transactions at broker service are different.

If a broker provides you with better service and platform then it is worth paying a stockbroker. Before choosing a stock broker you must check its credibility and customer base.

A good brokerage fee is affordable along with the quality broker service. The charges vary from broker to broker, so you need to understand your goal and choose the brokerage which offers good brokerage along with low fees. You can use the Share India trading platform as it offers low charges and provides tech-driven trading solutions.

A discount broker is a low-cost, flat-fee internet trading service. And the full-time financial service is an online and offline broker service that provides additional financial services such as stock advisory, loans, and insurance. Both of these broker services have their pros and cons. Depending on your investment goal, you can select a suitable one for your future investments.

You can save tax on the rise of your equity holding. All you have to do is hold the shares for more than 12 months, and the investment must be under one lakh rupees.

Yes, You need to pay the capital gain tax (CGT) on shares you own if you sell them for profit. This amount is based on your income tax returns.

For selling and buying shares, you need to pay brokerage charges. Depending upon the price of securities that has fallen, you have to pay a minimal amount calculated based on overall investment loss.

A broker is a financial intermediary or middleman through which you can trade in the share market. Broker services allow trading in different financial assets such as stocks, intraday, and futures trading & options trading.

The Demat charges are applied to the customers when selling the financial security. These charges depend upon the number of shares and cost a minimal amount for the investor.

Disclaimer on Pricing & Charges

  • Statutory Levies and Taxes will be levied to the clients as prescribed by the regulators.
  • Investment in the securities market are subject to market risk, read all the related documents carefully before investing.
  • Share India reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to change, alter or discontinue the offer and alter the terms and conditions from time to time & will prior communicate to client via Email.
  • Brokerage charge will not exceed the SEBI prescribed limit.
  • Account would be open after all procedures relating to IPV and client due diligence are completed.
  • Brokerage, Account Opening Charges, Maintenance Charges are all under introductory offer.
  • Brokerage is per executed order.
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