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Open Online Demat Account in just 4 Steps

Step 1


Go to the Share India site, Click on Open Demat account, and then enter your email & phone number.

Step 2


After entering your details, complete the KYC verification.

Step 3


Scan & upload your Aadhaar Card & PAN Card.

Step 4

E-sign & Confirmation

E-Sign Aadhar through OTP and add nominee details.

Benefits of Share India Demat Account

Trading became Safe & Secure

Share India Demat account lets you trade in a safe & secure environment. Onboard yourself and trade in one of the secure platforms of India.

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Your trading strategies play an essential role. Upgrade yourself with our advanced technology & build your portfolio from scratch.

Paperless Process

Share India offers completely digital trading. You can easily open your Demat account online with your computer or any handheld device.

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Get Demat account service at a value-for-money charge. Now you can enjoy quality trading with low prices under Share India's roof.

Years of trust


Years of Trust

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Online Trading Tools & Platforms

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Frequently Asked Question about Demat Account

Before opening a Demat account one must know about all the charges related to the Demat account. If you do not pay the AMC for the Demat account then your account can be turned into a dormant account or an Inactive account. And to reactivate your Demat account you need to pay the AMC charges plus the interest depending upon the broker company.

Yes, You can get a Demat free for a lifetime. This simply means that you can own a Demat account without any annual maintenance charges. You can get a free Demat account with premium fees which can vary from broker to broker. Although you get a free Demat account for a lifetime there will be transactions and other charges applied at the time of trading in equity.

It is possible to have 2 or more Demat accounts under your name. But you cannot open more than one Demat account from a single Broker. According to SEBI guidelines, it is not allowed to open more than one account from a single brokerage firm. You can open an online Demat account with Share India.

Yes, You can open a Demat account under a minor name where the account must be operated by the guardian. The guardian can be the father or mother or if not a parent then the guardian who is appointed by the court. The guardian is legally entitled to open and operate and even close the bank or Demat account. To open a minor Demat account the guardian needs to fulfill the essential document and KYC norms. One thing more is that the guardian needs to have a bank account and a Demat account. The minor can open a Demat account with an Aadhaar card. The minor Demat account also needs to open a bank account and the share can be transferred to the minor Demat account through an online process.

It is possible to take a loan with the help of a Demat account from any financial institute such as a bank or other financial firm. To get a loan you must have a good amount of holding in your Demat account. The loan on the Demat account is only possible when you keep all your financial holdings as collateral against the loan you need from any financial institute.

To open a Demat account you need to have a PAN card, Aadhar Card, and a bank account. You can simply go to the Share India website or app, click on the Open Demat account tab, and Enter your number and email id, After that, you can open a Demat account from anywhere on the internet.

Just 10 minutes is required to open a Demat account from Share India. An investor who wishes to make an investment in the Indian stock market. Keep your PAN card and Aadhaar Card ready and perform the KYC compliance with Share India. It is mandatory to own a Demat account in order to trade in the Indian stock market.

The DPs or Depository Participants is an entity approved by SEBI. The function of DPs is to serve as a link between the investor and the stock market. There are two most common DPs in India: the NSDL (National Securities Depository Limited) and the CDSL (Central Depository of India).

To open a Demat account from your home, you need to follow the step mentioned below:

  • Start by selecting a SEBI-approved broker like Share India.

  • Visit the broker website or download the broker app and click on open a Demat account.

  • Enter your name, Email ID, and mobile number.

  • Upload all the essential documents such as address proof and PAN card.

  • Complete the e-KYC process and wait for the confirmation message.

  • Once verified, you will receive your Demat account number, username, and password.

You can open a free Demat account with Share India. Go to the Share India website, or download the Share India app and follow the above steps.

To open a Demat, you need to have the following document.

  • Address Proof (Aadhar Card)

  • A PAN Card

  • Income Proof

  • Signature (on blank paper)

The major benefit of owning a Demat account is that it gives instant and easy access to all your financial investments and shows all the transaction statements on your broker platform.

No, there will be no extra charges for using a Demat account. Online Demat account eliminates all the extra costs, and you just have to pay standard charges, which are very minimal.

A Demat account meaning can be stated as a “Dematerialized account”. Which simply means a digital account to store or convert financial assets in digital format.