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Share India believes in providing the best to both its customers and its employees. We're a 28 years young group and we're bound to grow. We are looking for the chosen few who can be part of our journey and help us attain our goals.

Unlock your true potential with us. We excel at teamwork, helping everyone learn and grow.

We at Share India realised that it's not always about us. A company is made by its employees and talent pool. The well-being of every individual leads to an ecosystem where excelling to new heights comes naturally. Every new joinee, no matter the experience, is treated with the utmost respect and is given the required care to bond and gel with the team. There are multiple fun and bonding activities organised throughout the year.

At Share India, everyone has an equal opportunity to make a difference. We promote a healthy work-life balance and encourage our employees to spend equal amounts of time with their families and at work. We foster mental peace in the workplace and encourage everyone to be leaders. Change can happen in multiple ways and you can be the reason for it.

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Content Lead

Business Area - Content Lead

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CRM & Retention Manager/Executive/Specialist/Lead

Business Area - Business Area - CRM & Retention

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Digital Campaign Manager/Executive/Lead/Specialist

Business Area - Digital Campaign Manager/Executive/Lead/Specialist

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Experiences at Share India

life at share india
Work Culture

  • Multiple learning opportunities

  • Growth oriented atmosphere

  • Knowledgeable Seniors

  • Open workspace

life at share india

  • Fun Fridays

  • Family trips

  • Leadership Seminars

  • Destress Camps

life at share india
Employee Benefits

  • Great Employee Policies

  • Comfortable work structure

  • Accommodating work hours

  • Understanding Management

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