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Caring for the Future of India

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Humans and Humanity Comes First

We at Share India always aimed to share with India. India's growth is completely dependent on the growth of its people. Our goal is to nurture the growth from the roots. The best way to do so is to help children. Education has a huge impact on any individual's life and determines the path they undertake.

Our primary focus is education for the underprivileged kids of India. We do our best to bridge the gap and give these kids a stepping stone towards a better life. We cater to the every segment of society including the differently able by providing training and employment as well. We believe in Sharing India and strive for everyone's growth.

Each Initiative Makes the World a Better Place

To multiply we must begin with small steps and grow. Sharing with India is a core value of ours and here’s how we’ve done it so far.

Awards & Recognition

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