Equal Steps

How Open Interest Works

Share India’s Commitment to Build An Empowered Inclusive Community

(A Social Initiative by Share India)

Share India is dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusivity through our pioneering social initiative of hiring deaf and hard of hearing teams. We provide accessible workplaces and accommodations for deaf and hard of hearing individuals, ensuring they have access to meaningful employment opportunities. We foster an atmosphere where every team member can thrive, regardless of their unique challenges. By embracing diversity, Share India drives innovation, strengthens its reputation, and makes a positive impact on the lives of employees and communities.

Our Mission:

At Share India, we believe in nurturing talent through mentorship programs and robust support networks. Through this initiative, we not only enrich our organizational culture but also contribute to the creation of a more inclusive society.

How it started:

The genesis of this initiative traces back to the inspiring story of Mr. Rohin Gupta, a deaf individual who not only overcame his personal hurdles but also excelled in his role at Share India. Mr. Gupta’s remarkable performance in trading served as a beacon of hope and possibility, igniting a passion within Share India’s management to extend similar opportunities to others like him. Thus, a dedicated wing within our company was established, with Mr. Gupta taking the helm as a mentor and guide. His leadership exemplifies resilience and determination, embodying our commitment to empowering deaf and hard of hearing individuals to build fulfilling careers and uplift their communities.

A Message from Mr. Rohin Gupta:

By actively recruiting individuals with diverse abilities, we celebrate the richness of unique perspectives and talents within our workforce. Our recruitment process prioritizes skills and capabilities, ensuring equitable opportunities for all applicants, regardless of their background. If you know someone who is deaf and hard of hearing and seeking employment opportunities, we encourage them to reach out to us at our email id hr@shareindia.com.

Join us in our journey towards empowerment and inclusivity. Together, let’s take Equal Steps towards a brighter, more equitable future for all.

Our Team Members in the Journey