Why Demat Account?

A Demat account holds stocks, bonds, and other financial instruments in an electronic format. With a Demat account, you can access all the ways you can invest. You can also put your money into IPOs, Futures, and options. If you have a Demat account with Share India, trading will be easy. By joining Share India, you'll have full access to the best research and analysis on different securities. You also get a lot of informational articles and E-learning videos about the stock market.

Demat Account Charges

Account Opening Chargeszero
Account Maintenance ChargesZero for first 365 days after that ₹ 300/ p.a
Dematerialisation Charges₹ 50/- per DRF plus ₹5/- per certificates
Rematerlisation Charges₹ 25/- per certificate plus courier charges.
Transaction Charges (Per Charges)
  • Receipt/ Purchase
  • Delivery/ Sale
NIL ₹15/-
Pledge Charges (Per Transaction)
Creation (Invocation/Closure)
Margin Pledge Per Transaction / Release of Margin Pledge (Each Leg)₹15/-
Instruction Booklet (1st Book Free)₹20/- + ₹40/- courier charges (5 leafs)

In addition to these charges, the following out of pocket expense shall be charged.

  • Failed Instruction Intimation: ₹20/- per intimation per instruction.
  • Additional Statement of Holding/Transaction: ₹ 200/- (upto 10 pages) and ₹15/- per page above 10 pages.
  • Incase of Demat rejection, postage charges shall be charged @ ₹ 50/- for dispatch of share certificate to the clients.
  • Any Modification in client master will be charged @ ₹100/- for offline per request.
  • Any other services not specified above shall be charged extra.
  • Taxes & government fee/charges shall be levied extra, as applicable from time to time.
  • Charges for DP services in respect of clients having trading accounts with Share India will be debited to their trading account.
  • Late payment charges @ 24% p.a. shall be levied.
  • Share India may suspend/freeze the depository services of the account holder in case of non-payment of the outstanding bill till the time of actual clearance of debit balance.
  • Above charges are subject to revision as per Share India’s sole discretion after providing 30 days prior notice.
  • ***GST at applicable rates shall additionally be levied on all these charges.

Frequently Asked Questions about Demat Account Charges

A Rematerilasation is converting financial certificates from digital to physical format. Share India offers a rematerialisation price of ₹ 25/- per certificate plus the courier charges.

The main function of a Demat account is to hold your financial asset. It also helps eliminate the risk of loss or forgery of your share certificate. Online Demat account helps investors to buy and sell shares instantly.

The Demat maintenance charge or AMC for the Demat account is the charge applied for maintaining your Demat account at CDSL or NSDL depository. The charges vary from ₹300/- to ₹500/- per annum. You can get free AMC for 365 days at Share India; after 365 days, you just have to pay ₹300/- per annum

Dematerialisation is converting a physical stock certificate into a digital format. For more details, you can connect with the Share India helpline number 011 – 43011021 or 09999620004.

You can use your Demat account as collateral with a bank or financial institution. But you must understand the terms & conditions before using your financial holding as collateral against any loan.

Yes, As per the SEBI guideline, opening a Demat account for trading in the Indian stock market is mandatory.