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One Account, Multiple Opportunities

Open * Free Demat account with Share India.

₹0* Free Equity Delivery No cost on equity delivery.
₹20* For F&O Trade without any worries.

*T&C Apply
*T&C Apply

Why Demat Account?

A Demat account holds stocks, bonds, and other financial instruments in an electronic format. With a Demat account, you can access all the ways you can invest. You can also put your money into IPOsfutures trading, and options trading. If you have a Demat account with Share India, trading will be easy. By joining Share India, you’ll have full access to the best research and analysis on different securities. You also get a lot of informational articles and E-learning videos about the stock market.

Demat Account Charges

Account Opening Chargeszero
Account Maintenance ChargesZero for first 365 days after that ₹ 300/ p.a
Dematerialisation Charges₹ 50/- per DRF plus ₹5/- per certificates
Rematerlisation Charges₹ 25/- per certificate plus courier charges.
Transaction Charges (Per Charges)
Receipt/ Purchase
Delivery/ Sale
NIL ₹15/-
Pledge Charges (Per Transaction)
Creation (Invocation/Closure)
Margin Pledge Per Transaction / Release of Margin Pledge (Each Leg)₹15/-
Instruction Booklet (1st Book Free)₹20/- + ₹40/- courier charges (5 leafs)

In addition to these charges, the following out of pocket expense shall be charged.

  • Failed Instruction Intimation: ₹20/- per intimation per instruction.
  • Additional Statement of Holding/Transaction: ₹ 200/- (upto 10 pages) and ₹15/- per page above 10 pages.
  • Incase of Demat rejection, postage charges shall be charged @ ₹ 50/- for dispatch of share certificate to the clients.
  • Any Modification in client master will be charged @ ₹100/- for offline per request.
  • Any other services not specified above shall be charged extra.
  • Taxes & government fee/charges shall be levied extra, as applicable from time to time.
  • Charges for DP services in respect of clients having trading accounts with Share India will be debited to their trading account.
  • Late payment charges @ 24% p.a. shall be levied.
  • Share India may suspend/freeze the depository services of the account holder in case of non-payment of the outstanding bill till the time of actual clearance of debit balance.
  • Above charges are subject to revision as per Share India’s sole discretion after providing 30 days prior notice.
  • ***GST at applicable rates shall additionally be levied on all these charges.

Frequently Asked Questions about Demat Account Charges