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Get a complete overview of options trading. Enter options trade details and get a brief about your trade. Avoid hefty work of calculation using Share india options calculator.

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What is an Options Calculator?

An options calculator is an arithmetic calculating algorithm that helps options traders to predict & analyse their trade. The options calculator is based on the Black-Scholes Model based on variables such as the strike price, underlying assets, type of options, volatility, risk-free rate and expiry date.

To calculate the value of options premium or implied volatility you can use this options trading calculator.

But before, getting into much detail you need to know about the options contract. An options contract gives the right but not obligation to the trader to buy or sell financial assets which are bound in the options contract.

There are two types of options contracts which are the call options and the put options..

In call options the owner gets the right not compulsion to buy the stock which is mentioned in the options contract.

Whereas in the put options the owner gets the right not compulsion to sell the stocks which is mentioned in the contract.

As a financial product, options contracts offer multiple advantages such as leverage, low capital requirement, portfolio diversification, risk & rewards etc. Before investing in any financial product you must evaluate whether the risk you are going to take is worth it or not.

How is Options Price Calculated?

Consider an example of TCS Wed Mar 29 2023 with a strike price of 2500.

Enter the conditions and you can check the expected Call P&L and Put P&L on reaching the target of 2800

Following days to expiry is 9 days

Expected Price3000.00
Buy P&L (Lot – 175)Rs. 52500.00Rs. 0.00
Sell P&L (Lot – 175)Rs. -52500.00Rs. 0.00

Options Underlying Price

Our options calculator provides proper value & calculation and it follows the options contract condition which is set in the Indian stock market. According to the volatility of the current market and previous trading day, you can use the options trading calculator by adding the accurate value of your options trade . You also need to note that the option’s underlying price is the previous trading day’s market closing price.

Benefits of Options Value Calculator

  1. Paperless Calculation:

    Forget the pain of writing down different formulas and calculating your options trade. Just enter your details and get your options trade result.

  2. Easy Method:

    With Share India options calculator you get a clean UI along with minimum inputs of trade. Try the options trade calculator which is simple and easy to track with the stock market.

  3. Improve your trade:

    Investing with a goal & plan will help traders in many ways. Calculating the options price calculator lets you trade with an intuitive approach in the options trade.

  4. Explore more:

    There are various options such as strategy deck, options chain, open interest etc to explore. Increase your trading knowledge by using these tools by Share India.

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Frequently Asked Question about Options Calculator


The options calculator is a tool for indicative purposes only. It is to assist your trade. For investment you need to do your own research & analysis and invest accordingly. Share India does not take any responsibility/liability nor does it undertake the authenticity of the figures calculated in the following calculator.