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With Share India’s Trading Platform Enhance Your Trading Experience

Our powerful trading system helps thousands of upcoming and existing traders in India. We let our customers trade from their device of choice with the same quality & services. Our goal is to make trading simple.

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Share India Trading Software & Application

Our trading platform is different from other trading systems. We provide a technology-driven system that helps you to trade in a smart way. We use live & historical data to make better trading reports. Our trading system uses Cutting-edge technology to achieve active trade actions. We offer our customers a seamless experience of intraday, F&O, and equity trading. Our charting tool and volatile indicator help trader to see which stocks are standing out in the market. Our technical team aims to take your trading to the next level.

Our advanced trading platforms are based on sophisticated software programs designed to provide traders with real-time market data, news, and analysis along with the tools to act on trading opportunities efficiently and effectively. Our stock trading platform connects to share markets to give a rapid order entry and execution in milliseconds.

Traders can easily customize different views with interactive charts, market depth data, and flexible tools. The built-in tools of the trading platform allow screening for trades, automating rules-based algorithms, and implementing different risk management techniques. The high-speed execution, robust analytics, and depth of capabilities empower traders to systematically identify and react to profitable trades with consistency. By leveraging your trade with our technology active traders can enhance precision, efficiency, and ultimately result in better methods of online trading.

The Ultimate Trading Tools & Platforms

Trade with Low Brokerage

Our trading platform is a one-stop solution for all trading purposes. Share India trading software provide in-depth analytics and qualitative research. Our technology is upto the industry standards. We build our platform by prioritizing the security & data encryption in our trading system.

Share India Web Trading Platform

Make your laptop or desktop a professional trade station with Share India. Trade on a platform that is easy to use and has a modern design. You can access a wide range of indicators & charts through the Share India web portal. Do trade in a super-fast speed & tech-driven platform.

Share India Trading App

Take your trade anywhere you travel. Invest in ipo, F&O, and equities. Use the option calculator before investing in an options trade. Utilise different indicators & trading strategies. Get instant updates on the latest market news & event. Build your financial portfolio with the professional trading app.

Features of Share India Trading Platforms

Experience Quick Trading

Stock trading platforms of Share India connect to markets enabling rapid order entry and execution in milliseconds.

Algo Trading

Now use algo trading for your trade. optimize and automate rule-based trading strategies on the online trading platform.

Advance Charting Tools

Interactive charts to analyze price action, overlay indicators, draw trends/support/resistance.Trade on web & app based platform.

Tech Driven Platform

Advanced platforms with the leverage of technology to provide traders access to robust data analytics, speed & different trading opportunities.

How to do Online Trading?

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Online Trading Tools & Platforms

Start your trading and investing journey with just a few clicks

Share India offers a robust trading platform with a hassle-free trading experience. Our goal is to be a company that is of the traders, by the traders, for the traders.


Offers trusted and transparent software.

Smart interface

The trading platform is a one-stop trading solution.

Specialised offering

Share India aims to provide the first of its kind algorithmic trading product to every Indian household.

Option Calculator

Plan your option trade and stay one step ahead in the stock market.

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What our Customers are Saying

“Trading using technical strategies was not my cup of tea. Still, through Share India & Apps support & insight, I often test different technical strategies and then apply this strategy with real money. With all these perks, I can now optimise each trading opportunity.”

Mrs. Pooja

“With knowledge & guidance from Share India experts, I can easily trade using sophisticated trading tools. I have invested in different financial instruments, and the experience of investing through the Share India platform is Smooth & easy.”

Mr. Deepak Narang

“If someone asks me which is the Smart trading platform, I would recommend the Share India platform as it is one of the most trusted brokers in India. It is pioneered in AI and ML trading. If you wish to use a professional tool for trading, then Share India should be your first choice.”

Mr. Bhavya Vijay

“I have opened my Demat account with Share India. I was unaware of the benefits of stock trading but through Share India’s insight and tools, I make better trading decisions. Now, with all these benefits, I have made an investment plan according to my financial goal.”

Mr. Vikas Malik

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