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Share India Stock Trading App

Share India trading platform is an advanced tech driven stock trading app. You get an easy UI along with tons of trading features. Whether you are a newbie or experienced trader you can explore lots of opportunities in this share market app. Starting your first investment in stocks, futures and options, intraday trading, ipo and more. Share India has 28+ years of experience as a stock broker. With an online trading app, you can do technical analysis, get live updates, insights and create custom watchlists. You also get an option calculator & a margin calculator to ease your trade. There are several technical indicators to help you trade with a strategic approach. Overall the Share India app provides a hassle-free, and smart platform for online trading in India. You can start your trading in just 4 simple steps, register your email & mobile number and open a demat account with Share India.

Why Choose Share India Online Trading App?

  • Market Insight

    Stay ahead in the share market with our quality insights.

  • Research & Analytics

    Get exclusive hands-on reports from industry experts.

  • Safety & Convenient

    Advance lock feature, which includes biometric & face lock.

  • Exclusive Alerts

    Get essential alerts & Research calls for better trading opportunities.

  • Share India app helps traders to trade in a fast & easy environment. Our investing app comes with tons of features. You can trade with different strategies and simply invest in multiple financial instruments without going anywhere. Our all-in-one platform provides a complete guide & support for online trading in the Indian Share Market.

Features of Our Online Share Trading App

Instant Trading

One-click to buy or sell your financial securities.

Basket Order

Keep track of all your orders under one roof.

Custom Watchlist

Make your collection of your favorite stocks.

Easy UI & Interactive UX

Simple UI and engaging UX come with dark/light theme.

Option Calculator

Calculate your options trading and manage your risk accordingly.

Explore Strategies

Become a smart trader. Use different strategies to enhance your trade.

Benefits of Share India Trading App

Equity Trading

Equity trading apps allow users to place various types of trading orders, including market orders, limit orders, stop orders, and more.Unlock your full trading potential with our innovative online trading app offering a seamless and secure platform to trade stocks. Explore various types of stocks & perform your online trade with Share India’s premier share market app.


Invest with confidence in IPOs through our app’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive research tools. Experience the thrill of being an early investor in groundbreaking companies through our app’s IPO trading feature. Discover a world of investment opportunities with our state-of-the-art share market app, Get a head start on the market and shape your investment portfolio.

Intraday Trading

Seize every trading opportunity with our powerful stock trading app designed for intraday traders. Trade on-the-go and make the most of market fluctuations. Experience the power of seamless trading on the go with our revolutionary share market app. Our online trading app is designed to provide you with real-time market insights,intuitive features, and unparalleled convenience, ensuring you stay ahead in today’s dynamic financial landscape.

Futures & Options

Take control of your financial future with our app’s advanced futures and options trading tools. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or a beginner, our user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate the world of derivatives.Trade futures and options like a pro with our exciting trading app. Experience a new level of trading excellence with our advanced trading app. Stay ahead of the market and execute your strategies with speed and precision, all in one convenient place.

How to Use Share India Online Trading App?

  1. Download the app

    Search for Share India trading app in Google play store or App store & download the app on your smartphone.

  2. Signup/login

    You can create your demat account or just login to your existing demat account using your mobile number or email ID.

  3. Online e-KYC

    Do online KYC in order to open a demat account with Share India.

  4. Link your bank account

    To add or remove funds, you need to link your primary bank account with your trading account.

  5. For Futures & Options

    You need to upload one of the documents from the following list:

    • Bank Statement (previous 6 months)
    • Passbook (previous 6 months)
    • Form 16 (previous financial year)
    • Salary Slip (previous month)
    • ITR (previous financial year)

  6. Select your trade

    You can browse through stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds offered on the platform.

  7. Add Funds & trade

    After selecting your trade, you can add the required funds in the trading app & simply execute your trade.

  8. Post Trade

    Simply monitor your portfolio and account balances daily from the Share India online trading app. Review the performance of investments and total gains/losses.

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What our Customers are Saying

“Trading using technical strategies was not my cup of tea. Still, through Share India & Apps support & insight, I often test different technical strategies and then apply this strategy with real money. With all these perks, I can now optimise each trading opportunity.”

Mrs. Pooja

“With knowledge & guidance from Share India experts, I can easily trade using sophisticated trading tools. I have invested in different financial instruments, and the experience of investing through the Share India platform is Smooth & easy.”

Mr. Deepak Narang

“If someone asks me which is the Smart trading platform, I would recommend the Share India platform as it is one of the most trusted brokers in India. It is pioneered in AI and ML trading. If you wish to use a professional tool for trading, then Share India should be your first choice.”

Mr. Bhavya Vijay

“I have opened my Demat account with Share India. I was unaware of the benefits of stock trading but through Share India’s insight and tools, I make better trading decisions. Now, with all these benefits, I have made an investment plan according to my financial goal.”

Mr. Vikas Malik

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