A Big Leap from the Past is a Small Step into the Future

Share India has grown and evolved across the 3 decades with the aim of multiplying like India’s might in the coming years. Our focus is to thrive in the ever-changing landscape of the stock market.

Facts & Figures that Makeup Share India

What Makes Us Share India?

We are the pioneers, always growing and adapting in the field of algo trading and technology, related trading solutions.

  • 28+ Years of trust and legacy
  • 13400+ Crores of Average Daily Turnover
  • 52.5% Compound annual growth rate over last 4 years
  • Options Trading segment

Our Evolution Tree

  • Our Beginning

    We were born and incorporated among the opportunities when India was opening up economically in 1994. We entered the broking industry to help our customers grow and multiply with us. Our goal was to provide a trading platform and democratise option trading facilities for everyone in India.


  • A Grand 1st step

    We registered with Asia’s largest stock exchange, i.e. The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).


  • Diversifying with Derivatives

    To fuel our exponential growth, we had to diversify our offerings and derivatives were perfect for it. With the help of BSE, we began offering futures and options, which are an integral part of derivative trading. From this point on, we marched forward and never looked back.


  • Currency Trading

    To improve and increase our services, we opted to grow with the help of currency trading. The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) played an essential role for us to provide currency trading. Clients can make profits based on differences between currency pairs.


  • What’s in a name?

    Though a wise man once said it, but we believe name gives us an identity. Share India was aligned with the focus of growing and multiplying as India made its presence across the globe. We wished to share this growth and benefit all.


  • Currency Derivatives

    Currency trading was just the start. We registered with the United Stock Exchange of India Limited. United Stock Exchange of India (USE) is the 4th pan India exchange and enabled Share India to provide derivative trading in currency pairs to call our clients.


  • Commodities Trading

    With the scope of expanding into the commodities segment Share India registered with the Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited (MCX). Along with registering with MCX, Share India also registered with the leading stock exchange in India, the National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE).


  • Commodities F&O

    We just couldn’t stop at commodities. With the help of the Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited, we increased our services under the commodities segments. Clients can now trade derivatives like futures and options in the commodities segment as well.


  • DP Certification

    After serving the Indian population for almost 20 years, we were granted permanent registration as a Depository Participant. The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) certificate of permanent registration as Depository Participant with Central Depository Services (India) Limited (CDSL).


  • Mutual Fund Advisory

    Share India wanted to provide every service we could relate to the share market. We indulge in the world of mutual funds by registering with The Association of Mutual Funds in India as a mutual fund advisor. This opened up new opportunities for our clients with increased investment services.


  • A Big Step

    An IPO is always a tedious and important step in the company. Share India managed to launch a successful IPO, helping investors invest in us and be a part of our ever growing journey. We also began providing research and analytic services by registering as a research analyst with SEBI.


  • Acquisition

    Acquired Windpipe Finvest Pvt Limited, to be renamed Share India Fincap Private Limited, as a subsidiary. This was done to cater to clients and match clients surplus funds to those who are in need of it. They are registered as an NBFC category B with the RBI.


  • Expansion

    We acquired Total Securities Limited which are stockbrokers who provide an excellent platform and environment for arbitrage trading. Share India also indulged in the world of insurance with the help of Share India Insurance Brokers Pvt Ltd. Being prepared and cautious is always better than our beliefs.


  • Evolution

    We kept growing and evolving as the world kept changing. We decided to expand into Singapore through Share India Global Pte. With its help Share India was able to serve the global markets. Apart from this, the acquisitions of Total Commodities (India) Private Limited was carried out as well.


  • We Further Acquired

    In this everchanging age, we realised technology is the way forward. Share India began the decade by acquiring Algowire Technologies and Utrade Solutions Private Limited. Algowire provides financial analytics & advisory services, while Utrade Solutions offers a multi-asset trading platform.


Our Morals and Virtues


Like India’s growing economy, we have managed to grow and multiply with our customers.


Like India, we are on a consistent path towards exponential growth and a better future.


We have stood strong against all adversities and will always be there in the ever changing financial market.


Be prepared against all adversities and the rollercoaster ride called the stock market.

Share with India

To empower the younger generation by making financial education available for everyone.

Equal Opportunities

Every Indian must get an equal opportunity no matter their background or physical condition.

Our Trophy Cabinet

Top Member by NSE

Awarded on the 25-year completion of the Nifty Index

Awarded as Listed Player at the National Level

Grew enormously in the stock market.

Among the Top 10 Brokers in Index Derivatives

Trusted by trading community of derivative traders.

Broker of the Year at NCDEX Commodity Awards

Enhance our standard in the year 2022.

Awarded to Contribute in Commodity Derivatives

Strategic and significant contribution towards our customers.

Strategic and Significant Contribution to Commodity Derivatives

Awarded for the second year in a row