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What is Online Share Trading?

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Online trading or Online share trading refers to buying or selling shares from an online medium or through an online trading platform. A broker like Share India offers complete online trading solutions. You can get web and app-based trading platforms. Get research, knowledge & insight from Share India. Along with these, you can also get a smart AI-ML trading tool to make your trading techniques better. Share India is a fintech company that promotes customer-centric products and modern technology.

Online Trading with Share India Platform

Share India's online stock trading platform is trusted by thousands of traders & investors. Our trading platform enables the trader to trade in the quickest way. We offer free Demat and trading account opening from anywhere. Users get the Demat account by completing the KYC process.

By joining the Share India family, you can improve your trading experience. An investor can invest in a stock, Futures and Options, intraday trading, and more. We share the most crucial insights & research about different securities. You can simply log in from your phone or browser and start your trading from day one.

what is ipo

28+ Years of experience in the financial market.

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Customised Financial product for better Trading.


Learn from the Industry Experts.

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Leverage the Artifical Intelligence technology in online share trading

Experience Online Trading like Never Before

Trade in a hassle-free environment

Each trade matters so does its platform. Share India proudly presents you with an online trading portal that is available on browser & mobile app. Trade without any interruptions.

Investors & traders prefer Share India as you get lots of trading advantages like low charge, technology & other financial services.

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Online Trading tools & Platforms

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Start your trading and investing journey with just a few clicks.

Share India offers a robust platform with a hassle-free trading experience. Our goal is to be a company that is of the traders, by the traders, for the traders.

Offers trusted and transparent software.
Online Desktop
Smart interface
The trading platform is a one-stop trading solution.
Specialised offering
Share India aims to provide the first of its kind algorithmic trading product to every Indian household.
Option Calculator
Plan your option trade and stay one step ahead in the stock market.
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Difference between Operational Margin and EBITDA Margin

If you are someone who keeps mixing up the operating margins with the EBITDA margins, you just have to remember one thing: The EBITDA is obtained by removing the cost related to depreciation and amortisation from the operating margin.

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Swing Trading Methods

In the stock market, there are a variety of ways at which you can trade. One of the trades is swing trading. As there are tons of swing trading strategies, with the rise in online trading, the popularity of the swing trade is increasing on a daily basis.

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Difference between Day Trading and Swing Trading

Trading and investing are the two ways market participants can profit from the market. Trading in the market can enable market participants to profit from short-term volatility, just as purchasing securities and holding them long-term contributes to wealth accumulation.

What our Customers are Saying

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Frequently Asked Questions for the Online Trading

Due to the advancement of the internet online trading is one of the fastest ways to participate in stock trading. A wise investment decision will let you gain profit and a delayed or uninformed decision will lead to greater loss. To do online trading you need to have a bank account and a Demat & trading account under your name. To get a complete solution on online trading you need to open a Demat account & a trading account. You can use Share India online trading platform for ultrafast trading. Get instant trade with low brokerage on the Share India trading platform.

Online trading is better than offline trading. In general, online trading is safer and quicker. Online broker platforms provide encryption and multilayers of security. In addition to the security, there is also the potential of scam websites and apps which need to check thoroughly before using or downloading the trading apps. To trade in today's world you must use the online trading platform to make trading safer.

The well-known golden rule of trading is that there is no shortcut to gaining huge profits. To get proper returns you need to keep yourself updated on all the market movements. If you want to be aware of the different market opportunities then joining a broker like Share India can make online trading simple.

Discipline and planning make a trader better. Traders with good knowledge about the stock market and experience in trading are important. To elaborate further trading is not a one-day journey the more you, explore about market more opportunities await you.

A stock market is a place where thousands of traders use different strategies. Some of the types of trading are swing trading, intraday trading, position trading and scalping trading.

The profitability of stock trading depends upon the market conditions and other factors. Unlike in the olden days when trading in the stock market was costly, all the extra charges have been cut down to minimal fees due to the internet and online trading.

The major benefit of online trading is that you can trade cheaper and faster. An online broker like Share India charges lower brokerage than any traditional broker. Because of this, you can save a lot in your financial portfolio.

The online trading platform provides an easy & fast way to trade in the money market. But before trading, you need to research and choose a particular stock. You must also plan your financial goal before investing in the stock market.

Depending upon your broker platform, you can trade with no worries. For instance, you can check the Share India mobile app, which provides secure & smooth trading.

The online trading app is a smartphone application allowing users to buy or sell shares. One of the prominent apps is the Share India trading app which lets you trade in the Indian Stock Market.

The term discount broker is a cost-effective, flat fees online trading platform. With discount broking, you can do trading at lower prices without any interruptions.

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