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What is Online Share Trading?

Online trading or Online share trading refers to buying or selling shares from an online medium or through an online trading platform. A broker like Share India offers complete online trading solutions. You can get web and app-based trading platforms. Get research, knowledge & insight from Share India. Along with these, you can also get a smart AI and ML trading tool to make your trading techniques better. Share India is a fintech company that promotes customer-centric products and modern technology.

Online Trading with Share India Platform

Share India’s online stock trading platform is trusted by thousands of traders & investors. Our trading platform enables the trader to trade in the quickest way. We offer free Demat and trading account opening from anywhere. Users get the Demat account by completing the KYC process.

By joining the Share India family, you can improve your trading experience. An investor can invest in a stock, Futures and Optionsintraday trading, and more. We share the most crucial insights & research about different securities. You can simply log in from your phone or browser and start your trading from day one.

28+ Years of experience in the financial market.

Customised Financial product for better Trading.

Learn from the Industry Experts.

Leverage the Artifical Intelligence technology in online share trading

Experience Online Trading like Never Before

Trade in a hassle-free environment

Each trade matters so does its platform. Share India proudly presents you with an online trading portal that is available on browser & mobile app. Trade without any interruptions.

Investors & traders prefer Share India as you get lots of trading advantages like low charge, technology & other financial services.

Online Trading Tools & Platforms

Start your trading and investing journey with just a few clicks

Share India offers a robust platform with a hassle-free trading experience. Our goal is to be a company that is of the traders, by the traders, for the traders.


Offers trusted and transparent software.

Smart interface

The trading platform is a one-stop trading solution.

Specialised offering

Share India aims to provide the first of its kind algorithmic trading product to every Indian household.

Option Calculator

Plan your option trade and stay one step ahead in the stock market.

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What our Customers are Saying

“Trading using technical strategies was not my cup of tea. Still, through Share India & Apps support & insight, I often test different technical strategies and then apply this strategy with real money. With all these perks, I can now optimise each trading opportunity.”

Mrs. Pooja

“With knowledge & guidance from Share India experts, I can easily trade using sophisticated trading tools. I have invested in different financial instruments, and the experience of investing through the Share India platform is Smooth & easy.”

Mr. Deepak Narang

“If someone asks me which is the Smart trading platform, I would recommend the Share India platform as it is one of the most trusted brokers in India. It is pioneered in AI and ML trading. If you wish to use a professional tool for trading, then Share India should be your first choice.”

Mr. Bhavya Vijay

“I have opened my Demat account with Share India. I was unaware of the benefits of stock trading but through Share India’s insight and tools, I make better trading decisions. Now, with all these benefits, I have made an investment plan according to my financial goal.”

Mr. Vikas Malik

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