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Before the introduction of online trading, traders used to open an account with a brokerage where all their trades were made through the broker. With a communication delay and a slow transfer process of shares, there are more chances of getting heavy losses in the trade. As a trader, you want to be sure that your trading is fast and reliable. To achieve this and gain more control over the stock market, you now have a demat account or a fsda account. It means the full-service demat account. A demat account assures investors of the right trades at the right time and gives complete authority to the owner of the demat account.

Now you don't have to move anywhere or visit a broker's office. With a stock broker like Share India, you can open a free demat account and explore the tech-driven trading software and mobile app. A full-service demat account is quite handy for traders, and to know more about it, we can understand its meaning and benefits of fsda account.

What is a Full-Service Demat account?

A full-service demat account is a demat account that offers you services that include investment advice, tips, and financial portfolio management. Generally, an intermediate trader can use this demat account. Furthermore, the AMC for this demat account is around two to three hundred rupees.

A demat enables users to digitize their investments and trade in the Indian stock market. It is enforced by regularities such as SEBI to trade shares in dematerialized form. In addition to this point, a demat account reduces the pain of storing physical shares and avoids shares getting stolen or misplaced for any reason. A demat account was introduced in the year 1996 by the NSE. Previously, the account opening process was manual and time-consuming, unlike now, when you can open a demat account in just 10 minutes from the Share India platform. Also, learn what is amc charges and it's types here

Some Of The Advantages Of Having A Demat Account

  • Future planning

    Investors who want to invest in their future goals. They can grab any opportunity in the public market. The risk appetite of a trader allows traders to set the safest paths toward their goals.

  • Different trading opportunities

    Investors want to invest in their future goals. They can grab any opportunity in the public market. Risk appetite allows traders to set the safest paths toward their goals.

  • Financial portfolio

    If you open a demat account, you can buy and sell equity and maintain and track the profit and loss of your investment. A trader who wants advice from a full-time broker service can easily choose one of the experienced stock brokers in India, Share India. Firms like this offer a number of trading options and the excellent feature of trading in a hassle-free environment.


When you decide to trade in the Indian stock market, you must first have a demat and trading account. It's good to start trading at any stage of your life. You can open a demat account with a depository participant registered with SEBI if you want to invest in a diversified way. You can take the help of a financial advisor who can help you pick up investments that will be suitable for your trading. Furthermore, you can download your demat account statement from your broker’s app or website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Depending on your investment strategy and the amount of time you devote to it. Each broking service has its importance. A discount broker offers low brokerage and direct investment into the stock market, whereas a full-time broker’s services are more value-added financial services with higher costs.

The three types of stock brokers are the discount broker, the full-service stockbroker, and the online stock broker. Depending upon the type of service and features, each category has its pros and cons.

To sell a stock, you need to go to the broker platform and click on the stock you wish to sell. After that, you can click on the sell order and execute it as per your requirements.
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