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Trading accounts have provided a seamless way to trade on various stock exchanges. With the help of a new trading application, one can trade on the go. Initially, for an investor to purchase shares on the stock market, one has to be physically present to trade physical securities. It led to a tedious trading experience, with shares being settled after 14 days. With the introduction of the demat account and trading account, most of the issues were resolved.

What Is the Process of Opening an Online Trading Account?

Your trading links your demat account and bank account, with shares being debited from your demat account and money being credited to your bank account when a share is sold. Shares are credited to your demat account when you buy them with money deducted from your bank account. The introduction of the trading account was revolutionary, as it was a huge improvement compared to the old and outdated outcry system. Every trading account is uniquely mapped to a unique trading ID.

Advantages & features of using a trading account

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) mandates that a trader must have a trading account to buy and sell assets on various exchanges. There are multiple advantages and benefits that an online trading account provides. Here are a few advantages and features of having and using a trading account.

  • Trading can be done on the go or from the comfort of your homes

  • Complete information regarding the stock market and various other assets

  • Buy and sell orders can be placed after the market is close to be executed tomorrow

  • Trades can be carried instantaneously

  • Easy portfolio management

  • Access to research reports

  • Trading becomes a liquid asset as the settlement date is shortened

  • Safe and secure shared transportation

To make use of all this and many more benefits, there are certain trading account charges that you might have to incur.

Trading with Share India

Share India has been a pioneer in the field of algo-trading and is striving to become one of the best brokers for every household in India. Their goal is to grow alongside India and diversify its economy.Share India has more than 2 decades of experience in the stock market, making it the perfect broker for novice traders who wish to learn trading. Through their seamless and paperless process, one can easily get on board with Share India. Share India is specially inclined towards teaching trading through various articles and youtube videos. Share India’s trading platform provides a one-stop trading solution for everything related to the stock market.

Share India is focused on providing a first of its kind, algorithmic trading product for every Indian citizen. Learn how to use our trading platform and experiment with different strategies with our demo trading account.

Trading Account Fees & Charges

There are multiple charges for trading accounts that you could encounter, especially when you try to open a new trading account and demat account. Here are a few charges Share India levies with regards to the trading account

  • Account Opening Charges

    Share India has no trading account opening charges. You can open a trading and demat account quickly without paying a single rupee in just 4 simple steps.

  • Account Maintenance Charges (AMC)

    There are no additional charges that Share India levies for the annual maintenance of the trading account. Instead they have a demat account annual maintenance charge which is exempted for the 1st 365 days. Post this time period Share India charges ₹300 per annum as AMC for your demat account.

  • Trading Brokerage

    Before opening a demat account, it's always a good idea to be aware of the brokerage that will be charged. Understanding this and comparing it to other brokers will help you make a better decision. Try our brokerage calculator here and see how easy it is to estimate the brokerage fees for your next trade.

  • Equity Delivery

    Share India charges no brokerage for equity delivery, which means they provide free equity delivery.

  • Equity Intraday

    The maximum that Share India charges is ₹10. Generally, the brokerage collected by Share India is 0.03% of the total turnover from the trade.

  • Equity Derivative Futures

    Just like intraday delivery charges, Share India charges 0.03% or ₹10 whichever is lower, for equity derivative futures.

  • Equity Derivatives Options

    For all option derivative trading, Share India charges ₹10.

  • Call & Trade Charges

    Share India enables its investors to call in and place trades with the help of a representative. The charges for this specialized service is ₹50

  • Additional Trading Charges

    Apart from these important charges there are additional charges apart from brokerages which you would face while trading. These charges are different for different segment and here’s a list of these charges that you can incur

    • Securities Transaction Tax(STT) / Commodity Transaction Tax (CTT)

    • Stamp Duty

    • GST

    • SEBI Turnover Fees

    • Stock Exchange's Transaction Charges with GST

    • GST is levied on clearing charges levied by the clearing corporation or clearing member

    • Dematerialization Charges

    • Rematerialization Charges

    • Charges for additional Services

    • Penalty for repaying the margin amount


There are multiple charges for trading accounts that you can consider and compare before opening one. It’s better to be aware of all trading account charges to calculate your trades and know how much you can invest. This can help you estimate the returns you can expect, which in turn will make you a better trader as you will be aware of the risks and rewards associated with the trade. Share India offers zero trading account opening charges and low trading charges. Open your trading account today and start your investment journey with Share India. To save on high commissions, learn about zero brokerage trading account and it's advantages also, here at Share India.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

One must pay account maintenance charges, or AMC annually. Failure to do so would mean you would be able to trade using that account. Before you use it to trade, you’d have to clear your dues. If funds are credited into your trading account, the charges will be deducted automatically before you carry out the trade.

Yes, Share India provides margin trading facilities. You must pay 20% of the transaction trade upfront to avail margin trading.

Share India provides pledge services. You can use your shares as collateral to obtain a loan and get some quick cash.
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