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Years of Trust

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The money market is complex and regularly changing. Share India's advanced trading software provides data and research collected through advanced methods. You can get in-depth performance analytics that efficiently analyses each aspect of your trading and help traders target each trading strategy's accurate goal.

Share India trading software can be used by all types of traders who will have their unique trading approaches. You can also customise each stock trading strategy according to your needs. Advanced charting & 100+ technical strategies for testing and executing online trade.


Follow Your Trade Everywhere

Your Smartness combined with Our Smart Tech. Our Trading Software is like a true companion for traders. A trader knows the importance of innovative & quick trading software.

  • Experience the best AI-ML-based trading solution.

  • Make your own Custom Trading Strategy.

  • Find industry-level Filters & Trading indicators.

  • Free E-learn from our YouTube Channel.

software benefit
software benefit

Credible Research & Analysis

We help the trader to connect the dots in trading. Our Professional team provides qualitative research.

  • We offer advanced research & insight into the share market.

  • You also get frequent market updates.

  • Our platform has hundreds of technical strategies.

  • Advance & market standard strategies all under one roof.

Encryption & Customer Support

We provide complete confidentiality for our customers. Our customer service provides friendly customer service.

  • We keep our customer data & securities safe.

  • Our technology has a top-level encryption system.

  • Get support from all our social channels.

  • We promote customer-oriented service.

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